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Welcome to the Perishable Food Rescue Centre

With the planned Perishable Food Rescue Centre, we are dedicated to transforming surplus produce into hope and nourishment for our community. To help you visualize our comprehensive process, we’ve generated a series of illustrative images with the assistance of artificial intelligence. Please note that these images are conceptual and do not depict real events or people. Through these visualizations, we aim to provide a clear understanding of our efforts in rescuing, processing, and distributing perishable food to those in need.





The journey of rescued food begins at the receiving dock of the Perishable Food Rescue Centre. Here, a bustling scene unfolds as volunteers and staff welcome deliveries of bulk produce from local farms, grocery stores, and food distributors. Large delivery trucks back up to the dock, and pallets loaded with boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables are carefully unloaded.

Once the produce is received, it is logged into our system. Volunteers and staff record the types and quantities of produce received. This data helps us keep track of inventory and manage our resources efficiently. The receiving team works swiftly and efficiently, ensuring that all incoming produce is accounted for and ready for the next stage.


After receiving, the produce moves to the triage area. Here, volunteers sort the fruits and vegetables into different categories based on their condition and type. This process ensures that each item is directed to the most appropriate next step—whether it’s immediate processing, direct distribution, or specialized storage.

The volunteers handle each piece of produce with care, separating items that need immediate attention from those that can be stored for a longer period. Fruits and vegetables that are slightly blemished but still perfectly edible are earmarked for immediate processing to ensure they don’t go to waste.


In the processing area, the sorted produce undergoes thorough cleaning. Volunteers, wearing aprons and hairnets, wash fruits and vegetables under running water in large sinks. This step is essential to remove any dirt, pesticides, or bacteria, ensuring that the food is safe for consumption.

Once cleaned, the produce is prepped for packing. Volunteers skillfully chop, slice, and blend fruits and vegetables, transforming them into ready-to-eat forms or ingredients for meal preparation. Some volunteers handle knives and cutting boards to create bite-sized pieces, while others use blenders to make purees.


In the packing area, volunteers measure and portion the processed produce into individual containers. This step ensures that each package contains the right amount of nutritious fruits and vegetables for a family, ready for distribution to those in need.

Each container is carefully labeled with information about its contents and the date of packaging. This labeling is crucial for inventory management and helps our partner organizations distribute the food effectively. The containers are then sealed to maintain freshness and prevent contamination.


The packed produce is stored in our state-of-the-art walk-in cooler and freezer units. These storage areas are meticulously organized, with shelves filled with labeled containers of fruits and vegetables. The cool environment helps preserve the freshness of the produce until it is ready for distribution.

Our storage team carefully monitors the inventory. This system helps us manage our resources efficiently and ensure that nothing goes to waste. Regular inventory checks and rotations are conducted to maintain the quality of the stored food.


The final stage of the food rescue process is distribution. Volunteers load boxes of prepared produce into delivery vans, carefully stacking and securing the packages to ensure they reach their destinations safely. Each box is labeled with its contents and destination, ready for delivery to local food banks, shelters, and community centers.

We collaborate with a network of partner organizations to distribute the rescued food. Food Depot Alimentaire will pick up food from our facility and distribute it among food-focused organizations across the province. This collaboration ensures that the food reaches those who need it most as quickly as possible.

Get Involved

Getting involved with the Perishable Food Rescue Centre (PFRC) is a meaningful way to make a positive impact on our community. Whether you volunteer your time, donate funds, or spread the word, your support helps us continue rescuing nutritious food and distributing it to those in need.

One significant way to contribute is by donating to our Thrive Campaign, which funds essential resources and infrastructure to sustain our operations. Every donation, big or small, helps us purchase necessary equipment, maintain our storage facilities, and support our dedicated team of volunteers.

Join us in our mission to reduce food waste and fight hunger by visiting the THRIVE Campaign page to learn more about this exciting project and how you can donate to the PFRC. Together, we can ensure that good food reaches those who need it most, fostering a healthier, more sustainable community for everyone.