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Greener Village is a community-driven organization dedicated to addressing hunger and promoting food security in the greater Fredericton area.

Over 2,100 grocery boxes handed out every month to client families.

We have seen a 42% increase in client demand in the last year alone.

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A newcomer family, still learning English, used a translator app to say, “Thank you for the kindness you showed my family.

- No name provided

I recently gained custody of my kids, and I was overwhelmed trying to get things ready for them. Greener Village helped me put food in my cupboards for when they came, I am so thankful for their support

- Rebecca D.

I hadn’t needed support from Greener Village for quite awhile. I’ve been sober for several months, I secured a steady job, and I always remember to donate something when I get groceries because I know how much even a single box of Kraft Dinner can matter when someone is struggling. Thank you for the help you provided me when I was struggling with addiction.

- Michael S.

I come in weekly, bringing with me donated animal food from the FSPCA… I break down the bags and put 2 or 4 scoops of dry food for cats or dogs into 8 or 12-pound bags, along with canned food or treat bags, if available. There is often animal food donated to Greener Village by the general public or local pet stores to add to the supply. It is great to see a large bag of dog/cat food sitting on the cart that I work on, or cans in the yellow plastic bin designated for animal food.

It is rewarding to know that the clients’ animals will be well-fed. Animal food is very expensive, and I’m sure it’s difficult for families to feed both their human and animal members. I’m happy that Greener Village is able to provide this assistance to their clients.

- Jeanie

I was recently accepted into the 12 Neighbours tiny home project. Between that and the grocery assistance from Greener Village, I am finally at a place where I can focus on my mental health.

- Vanessa L.

I was laid off right before Christmas, and the registration date for Christmas assistance had already passed. Greener Village managed to get my family a Christmas dinner hamper and some gifts for the kids. I am so thankful for the generosity of the people of Fredericton!

- Keith M.

Thanks for sharing the love. Greener Village food bank has saved many lives, including mine. I am extremely grateful!

- Deborah H.

I recently landed a new job, and with your support, I’m finding my feet again!

- No name provided
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