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Our Vision

Everyone in our community has the resources to thrive.

Our Mission

We provide food, clothing and opportunities people need on their journey to self-sufficiency.

About Us

We serve over 2,100 client families every month which is about 125,000 meals. We also customise grocery boxes as best we can depending on their dietary restrictions. 11-13% of our boxes are customised. 35% of our clients are children and youth, and 10% are seniors.

The needs of this community are met through grocery boxes, the Learning Kitchen, training workshops and partnerships with over 35 community partners located in the Fredericton area.

The Greener Village receives, purchases and distributes approximately $1.6 million worth of food each year. Because of our size, scale and unique position in the local food system, Greener Village has significantly greater buying power than can be achieved at the grocery store. We can purchase as much as $2 worth of food for every $1 donated, maximizing the impact of our donors’ generous contributions.

While we continue to provide assistance to help address the immediate needs of the community, we also recognize that emergency food as a stand-alone is not a long-term solution.

“I come in weekly, bringing with me
donated animal food from the FSPCA… I
break down the bags and put 2 or 4 scoops of
dry food for cats or dogs into 8 or 12-pound bags,
along with canned food or treat bags, if available.
There is often animal food donated to Greener Village
by the general public or local pet stores to add to the
supply. It is great to see a large bag of dog/cat food
sitting on the cart that I work on, or cans in the yellow
plastic bin designated for animal food.

It is rewarding to know that the clients’ animals will
be well-fed. Animal food is very expensive, and I’m
sure it’s difficult for families to feed both their
human and animal members. I’m happy that
Greener Village is able to provide this
assistance to their clients.”

– Jeanie

Board of Directors

Greener Village is overseen by a Board of Directors elected by its members at the Annual General Meeting. The Board is accountable to its members, the community and its donors. The expertise of the Board in key areas such as HR, finance and food operations guides our direction and helps us to be accountable to our strategic goals. They meet monthly to review our progress, discuss how we can maximize our resources, while empowering the management team and staff. Our current Board of Directors are as follows:


Dan Taylor
Dan TaylorPresident
Sharon Nussey
Sharon NusseyVice President
Dr. Andre Pelletier
Dr. Andre PelletierSecretary
Hasnain Mirza
Hasnain MirzaTreasurer


Leslie Reid
Leslie Reid
Amanda Carter
Amanda Carter
Kimothy Stewart
Kimothy Stewart
Scott Smith
Scott Smith
Wyn Gruffydd
Wyn Gruffydd
Neville Gosman
Neville Gosman
Nicole Whyte
Nicole Whyte
Norman Neil
Norman Neil


Alex Boyd
Alex BoydChief Executive Officer
Sukanksha Khatri
Sukanksha KhatriDirector of Development
Greg Doucet
Greg DoucetSenior Manager of Services
Claire Ellis
Claire EllisSenior Manager of Social Enterprise
Chris Fougere
Chris FougereClient Intake Manager
Jenn Charlton
Jenn CharltonDirector of Finance
Yves Dechaine
Yves DechaineLearning Kitchen Manager
Jared Scratch
Jared ScratchSocial Impact Marketing
Matt Nutter
Matt NutterWarehouse Assistant
Abby Clarke
Abby ClarkeVolunteer & Development Coordinator
Kathryn Jenkins
Kathryn JenkinsOffice Manager
Danielle Porter
Danielle PorterStore Front Manager
Brandy Banks
Brandy BanksRetail Sales Associate
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