Dorma Grant

“What then should we do?”

This simple verse from the new testament has guided Dorma throughout her life.  Having been taught from a very young age to believe that the one who has must help the one who has not, she has built into her life a way of giving back.  This has taken many forms.  She began her work life in nursing, switched to teaching, and finally was a career parole officer.  During that time, she focused on her work in the community.  She has worked twice in Africa.  The first time she took her children to Malawi to teach in a local school where she spent almost three years.  The second time she spent over a year in South Africa working in a food bank.  She also spent an extended period of time in India working in a village hospital, and in Bolivia working in a school and a day care for families of those in prison. 

Her other volunteer activities are with the disaster services team of the Red Cross, Rotary International, and usher at The Playhouse.  She also enjoys kayaking, hiking, cycling, skating, snowshoeing, and curling.

Dorma Joined the board of Greener Village after returning home from Ontario.  In 2012, she volunteered at Greener Village and started a co-op program to provide fresh food at a lower cost called “Fresh is Best.” This has now expanded into the “Community Food Smart” Program.