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Fredericton, NB: Greener Village, a community-driven organization dedicated to addressing hunger and promoting food security in the greater Fredericton area, announced today that it will build the first Perishable Food Rescue Centre in New Brunswick and the first of its kind in Atlantic Canada later this year. This unique facility will distribute over $4 million in food each year and divert thousands of pounds of food from landfills.

As food prices soar to historic levels across the country, food wastage is a significant problem in Canada, with studies showing that 58% of food produced annually is not eaten and that 32% could be rescued. That alone is enough to feed every Canadian for five months. And yet, 22.7% of New Brunswick households must decide between rent, gas, electric bill, or food each month.

“If there’s one thing we’ve learned as food bankers over the 42-year history of food banking in Canada, it is that the situation in our country, which surrounds food insecurity, is only getting worse.” shared Alex Boyd, Chief Executive Officer at Greener Village. “Despite our diligent efforts, more and more people are hungry every year. In New Brunswick, we are reaching a tipping point, and we need to urgently look at different ways to meet the immediate need and reduce the ongoing need. We need to reconnect to food differently, including food creation. And that’s why this project is so critical. By connecting with local agriculture and business, we will change how the food bank network relates to the food it requires to help people. Our transformative project is leading the way on this important topic all across our region and Canada.”

Food rescue is a solution for both poverty reduction and landfill waste. This unique purpose-built perishable food rescue facility, to be located on-site at Greener Village, will receive, recover, and distribute fresh foods that are destined for waste by turning these products into value-added, ready-to-eat and freezer-stable items that can redistributed to over 70 food-focused organizations throughout the province. These include homeless shelters, community kitchens, school nutrition programs, and other food charities, to name a few. It will increase Greener Village’s capacity to feed more people and allow the organization to ensure that 60% of the products in each grocery box distributed are fresh food items. All while helping divert thousands of pounds of food from landfills.

Greener Village is proud to partner with Food Banks Canada to make this innovative project a reality. “Having the support and leadership of Food Banks Canada in a project like this is incredible,” added Boyd. “We firmly believe that projects like ours can be replicated in other regions of our country so that we can continue to advance the work of food security across our country. Their commitment to support us through initial investment and ongoing food procurement will greatly impact the fight against food insecurity in New Brunswick.”

“Food Banks Canada is honoured to support Greener Village with such an innovative and impactful project,” shared Kirstin Beardsley, Chief Executive Officer, Food Banks Canada. “Our vision is for a Canada where no one goes hungry, and this means helping food banks and their communities with influential projects like this in Atlantic Canada. We are also working on prioritizing access to fresh produce, ensuring those who are most in need are supported and have access to nutritious, fresh food. Thank you, Greener Village, for your leadership in recognizing the need and creating a unique and truly transformative project at a critical time; we are proud to be your partner.”

In addition to the Perishable Food Rescue Centre, Greener Village announced Food For Thought: A Candid Talk on Food Insecurity with Michael McCain and Blair Hyslop, presented by ANBL. This powerful conversation on food insecurity with special guests will be held on Wednesday, May 8th, at the Kingswood Lodge in Fredericton, NB. Michael McCain, executive chairman of Maple Leaf Foods, is a passionate food advocate and honorary Chair of the Maple Leaf Centre for Food Security, while acclaimed business leader Blair Hyslop is the co-CEO of Mrs. Dunsters Inc. and President of the Order of the Wallace McCain Institute. The conversation will be moderated by Greener Village CEO Alex Boyd and is intended to shed light on food security, poverty reduction, and the economic implications of these challenges for our province.

“Food insecurity has reached unprecedented levels, impacting one in four of our children and seven million Canadians,” said Michael McCain, Honourary Chair, Maple Leaf Centre for Food Security. “How can anyone pursue an education, hold down a job or provide opportunities to their children if they cannot afford to eat? Food insecurity is a health, economic, and humanitarian issue, which Canada has the resources and know-how to solve. This will take both public policy reform and community-based solutions to meet immediate needs. I’m looking forward to the upcoming luncheon to elevate awareness of the issue and the important work of Greener Village.”

“The recent pandemic highlighted the importance and challenges of food security in Atlantic Canada and how we can do better,” shared Blair Hyslop, Co-CEO of Mrs. Dunsters Inc. “I am looking forward to a conversation around how we can all use our superpowers for good to impact our province and region.”

To learn more about Greener Village and the launch of the first Perishable Food Rescue Centre in Atlantic Canada, visit To purchase tickets or a table for the Food for Thought event on May 8th, 2024, click here.

About Greener Village:
Greener Village started as the Fredericton Food Bank in 1983 and was incorporated in 1989, becoming one of the first food charities in the Greater Fredericton Area. In 2012, the Fredericton Food Bank transitioned to its new building on Riverside Drive in Fredericton and developed a Learning Kitchen, Community Gardens, and the Unique Boutique. It also began operating under the name Greener Village. Today, Greener Village is the largest food and social services organization in the province, providing 125,000 meals through 2000 grocery boxes monthly and receiving, purchasing and distributing approximately $1.75 million worth of food each year.

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