Greener Village Membership

Greener Village’s members are the guardians of its mission. They approve the bylaws, appoint the directors, approve major changes to our purpose or activities, and hold the directors accountable for the achievement of our collective goals.

Becoming a member involves an application process, with the applications being decided on by the existing members. Members are expected to attend members’ meetings (there are three each year) and to participate in Greener Village’s activities in some way if possible. Participation can be in many forms, depending on each member’s abilities and interests. Examples include volunteering, serving on a committee, helping with a food drive or other event, contributing your knowledge to a particular initiative, or acting as a point of contact in the community.

We aim to make membership a rewarding experience that involves working with others to improve our community. We would welcome your application. The application form is available below. If you would like further information first, please contact us at

If elected a member, are there specific areas in which you are particularly interested in becoming involved, either now or when your other commitments allow?

  • On-site activities could be in the food bank, the Unique Boutique, the learning kitchen or the gardens, and could be either physical or administrative.
  • Off-site activities could include helping us with events or food drives or with maintaining contact with the donors of food, clothing, household goods or money that we depend on to serve our clients.
  • Advisory activities could involve offering us your expertise in any of the many fields our activities involve.
  • Committee work could be in the areas of finance, governance, human resources, fundraising or communications.
Would you be interested in serving as a director at some point?