Jessica Gagnon

Jessica has over 15 years of customer service experience of which include several years in administering and ensuring adherence to various policies and regulations. She has a natural ability to take complex information and explain it in a way that is relatable to all walks of life, it has definitely been a valuable asset.
As a person who thrives in high-pressure and fast-paced situations, Jessica strives for positive results through optimization, collaboration and motivation. In any position, she can visualize success and identify innovative and effective strategies to achieve the end goal. She gained these skills and abilities working with different Crown Corporations, provincial government departments, Insurance Industry as well as the Energy sector.
Jessica’s speciality revolves around policy administration and adherence to regulations including provincial, national and international guidelines. Jessica is also skilled at forming productive relationship, and empathizing in a constructive manner.
A motivated self-starter, Jessica has over a decade of mindfulness training/experience and is a strong advocate that nutrition is one of the most important staples for good mental health. Nutrition is needed to function and necessary to survive and thrive. Jessica’s involvement with Greener Village stems from her need to help the community to gain/access nutritious food for long term health, mental stability, energy for motivation, and a healthier population.