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Alex Boyd, Executive Director:, 459-7461
November 21, 2019
Fredericton NB
Fredericton Community Services Inc, Greener Village, Home of the Fredericton Food Bank
Update Annual General Meeting

Members of the corporation of Fredericton Community Services Incorporated gathered for the 2nd Annual General Meeting under the new corporate structure at Greener Village.
The members received in depth reports of the 2018 year as well as year to date updates on the progress made in 2019. Over the past year the board of directors completed a new 4-year strategic plan, started research on a major fundraising project, commissioned a redesign of our website and began research on the possible rebranding of the organization. The organization continues to grow with the addition of new members to the Corporate Membership.

Fredericton Community Services Inc. has re-elected Daniel Taylor as President, Sharon Nussey as Vice President, Scott VanBuskirk as Treasurer, and Dorma Grant as Secretary.
Additionally, the organization re-elected the following directors Rev. Dr. Neville Gosman, Wyn Gruffydd, Kenneth Little (past president), Tim Rattenbury, to serve on our board of directors. The organization welcomes newly elected directors Greg Doucet and Leslie Reid. We would like to take a special opportunity to thank out going directors, Chris Wilby and Kate Mackay for their dedicated service to the board of directors.
The outcome of the AGM election is as follows:
President – Daniel Taylor
Vice-President – Sharon Nussey
Treasurer – Scott VanBuskirk
Secretary- Dorma Grant

Rev Dr Neville Gosman
Wyn Gruffydd
Kenneth Little (past president)
Tim Rattenbury
Leslie Reid
Greg Doucett

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